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Sovereign is not just a supplier or facilitator, Sovereign is managed by manufacturing professionals who understand the risks of outsourcing and manage the expectations of the internal organisation ensuring the optimization of the savings achievable when moving production offshore

Sovereign provides the robust security practices required so that our Customers can be assured that there is no risk of security breaches or loss of intellectual property protection which is inherently raised when Outsourced manufacture is chosen as a viable option. Privacy concerns must be completely addressed. Although these issues rarely pose major impediments to outsourcing, the requirements must be documented and the methods and integration with vendors defined.

Sovereign has partnered with companies in the UK and the Far East whereby we can match consistent small or medium batch build requirements, right through to high volume production. Our manufacturers are dedicated to implementing the latest innovations in printed circuit board technology. We are committed to translating your designs into fully realised products. Manufacturing the most advanced and demanding PCB products quickly with consistent quality and service delivered on time.

Successful outsourcing of key manufacturing deliverables depends in large part on the realisation that the deal must be managed. Therefore, manufacturing issues, design issues and tooling changes are handled by us directly with our Far East suppliers. These companies are not unknown to our clients; we actively encourage our customers to get to know their manufacturing suppliers and to visit if they wish.

Whether it is modules for your production or products for your customers Sovereign have the connections to deliver for you.

You want to know that we are working on your behalf, producing your next shipment, meeting your next deadline.

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